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Cuba plans to attract up to half a million tourists from Russia

Cuba plans to attract up to half a million tourists from Russia 18.03.2024
Since the launch of the acceptance of bank cards of the MIR payment system in Cuba on December 5, 2023, transactions worth $ 2.7 million have been made in the country.

"Payment terminals are located on the main tourist destinations of the island and the number of points where Russian Mir cards are accepted will only grow. Now there are 20,000 of them all over Cuba," Juan Carlos said.
Also, according to the minister, cash withdrawals from MIR payment system cards at ATMs have been available in the country for more than a year.
In addition to the development of financial services for Russians, Juan Carlos spoke about the development of tourist infrastructure on the island. In particular, during the press conference, the Minister of Tourism of Cuba shared details of cooperation with the Government of the Russian Federation in this direction.
"We will also attract Russian investors to tourism in Cuba. We have been working with the Russian government in this direction for several years, <...> so that the Russian hotel business manages hotels in Cuba and builds them," Juan Carlos said.
According to him, we are talking about the construction of entire hotel complexes and other large-scale tourist infrastructure.

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